Challenging misleading healthcare claims.

Why complain?

Misleading claims about healthcare products and services appear on many providers' websites as well as in promotional leaflets, posters, brochures, newspapers and magazines. People are misled into paying for products and therapies of unproven efficacy. Some of these aren't even scientifically plausible and some of them could be harmful.

We should be free to choose what we spend our money on but it should be an informed choice, not one based on misrepresentation — deliberate or otherwise — by those who stand to profit.

This misinformation will not disappear by itself: it needs to be challenged and our experience has shown that it is possible for ordinary members of the public to use the regulation that is already in place to ensure that those making misleading claims are held to account.

We hope to give you the information, tools and resources to enable you to spot misleading claims and to do something about them.

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